Monday, January 28, 2013

A lost draft...

I just noticed this weird bit of rambling in my drafts from ages ago...

From now on instead of starting my day with a cup of coffee and the news, I think I'll just stumble out of my bedroom and throw myself down the stairs. It'd be a more enlightening experience, and it would probably leave me in a better mood for the rest of the day.

This morning I got to see a race car driver die in a brutal crash over and over again, and just now had the privilege of seeing the delightful video of a little chinese girl being run over by a car twice as a dozen pedestrians and drivers pass by her crushed body without so much as a glance.

My coffee was delicious though. All the way from Nick's Coffee House in Dublin. I'll probably keep that part of my morning routine. I can throw myself down the stairs and hopefully hobble or crawl to the kettle.

It's 2013! Holy shit! In unrelated news here's a new mix I put together....

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Updated for 2012! Oh yeah.

Man, it's been awhile. I hadn't realized just how long. Time just sort of slipped away. It has a habit of doing that.

It's 2012 now. You may have noticed. Good riddance to 2011, I say. Of the many years I have been alive that one sticks out as a particularly stressful one. So what's new? What's changed? In the world? In the media? Absolutely nothing from what I can tell. In my life? I moved. I got a new computer. I got a record player again, and with it a reoccurance of a severe vinyl addiction. I got my first DJ gig last month, playing some tunes and warming up the crowd before some live bands at a new venue in town. I played a bunch of great hip hop. A couple of people danced. The feedback seemed positive. I might be doing another one in April, possibly.

I'm flying to Dublin tomorrow night. I can almost taste the Guinness now.

I've been cooking a lot lately, riding my bike again and have even attempted running. What a shit habit that is. And as usual I have been increasingly frustrated with the awful state of current popular music. It becomes more clear every day that I am hurtling towards my destiny of being an angry old man who hates young people. Except in my case I feel I will be right. I imagine all old guys say that though, right? Maybe in my case it will be true though? It has to be.

This of course flies in the face of my attempts to be more positive, less negative and cynical. Fortunately I have videos like the Miles Davis concert I posted recently to wash away the bad feelings. Besides, it feels ever more redundant to complain about music celebrated in UK Top 40 charts.

I have also been coveting the ginger cat who lives across the street. He is a handsome gentle soul. I watch him through my kitchen window when I'm washing dishes, and pass him on the street walking to the train. He doesn't seem to know fear. He looks at people and dogs with the same innocent eyes, and enjoys a good cuddle. I cringe sometimes when watching him from my kitchen window when he runs across the street. Too many cars seem indifferent to running cats.

Anyway, since I've remembered this thing exists, I'll get back to posting stuff on here. You know, for the hordes at home waiting in front of their laptops with baited breath.

Oh and I hope you've all been well.